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The Definition Of A Chromoly Flywheel

Chromoly Flywheel
Definition Of A Chromoly Flywheel

What is a lightweight flywheel to begin with? Lightweight flywheels combine low weight, low inertia and high thermal performance. They are designed for light to moderately tuned racing cars for drag racing, auto crossing and rallying events, and street use. Something you’re probably into if you love cars! They are made of chromoly steel or Chromoly steel forging solid one-piece billet. Basically, lightweight flywheels are designed specifically to reduce weight and inertia in order to improve engine response.

Most incorporate special design features to enhance the airflow which improves the cooling of the clutch. The ring gear teeth are integrated onto the flywheel, unlike an aluminum flywheel where the ring gear is pressed onto the flywheel and has the possibility of separating from the flywheel due to the different expansion coefficients of aluminum and steel. A Chromoly flywheel may be more expensive vs. an aluminum version, but they’re tougher and lighter than them! It causes the revs to spin faster but also drop faster too.

Chromoly Flywheel Vs. Aluminum Flywheel

Light, solid replacements for vehicles equipped with OE dual mass flywheels are newly available. Lightweight Flywheels are made from Chromoly steel forged or billet. What does Chromoly mean when it comes to a Lightweight Flywheel? Chromoly is an abbreviation for “chromium-molybdenum steel” because it includes chromium and molybdenum in alloy elements. Thanks to this combination of materials, Chromoly has an excellent strength to weight ratio and is considerably stronger yet harder than standard 1020 steel or other aluminum flywheels on the market. 

The Truth Behind Chromoly Flywheels

You’re probably asking yourself just like anyone else who knows about the myth, does it lose torque like how some people debate-ably say? The answer is NO! This sensation of “false torque” tricks human perception into thinking that the car has more power when the torque measurement of such a style of engagement shows that the “false torque” jump up is immediately followed by a subnormal torque dip, as the heavy flywheel requires more energy to accelerate than the alternative of lightweight. Why? Because a flywheel is an energy storage device by its very nature. It is intended to either absorb excess energy from the engine or, if an imperfect rpm vs. gear/wheel speed clutch engagement occurs, to average the energy in the transmission.

I can go on but to keep it simple, below is an example of this is quite clear in a dyno graph. This section shows a torque curve, specifically the initial clutch engagement at 2000rpm and up to 3500rpm.

truth of flywheel

Now That I Know The Facts, Benefits & Truth; Where Can I Purchase One?

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I Bought A Lightweight Flywheel But I Don’t Want To Go To A Mechanic For Installation, How To I Do It Myself?

Good question! In the new age, some to most people prefer visual instructions vs. manual instructions. Below, is a YouTube video showing you step by step on how to easily install a Lightweight Flywheel! (Credit: Refine Movement)






What Is The Definition of A Clutch In A Car?

clutch in a car
the best clutch in a car

A clutch is a mechanical device that disengages and engages power transmission especially when it comes from driving shaft to driven shaft. Simply, what this means is the clutch application disconnects and connects TWO rotating shifts (line or drive shafts). In these particular devices, one shaft (the driven member) is providing output power for work while the other one (the driving member) is usually attached to an engine or other power unit.

If you’re still confused, to put things short; the clutch is the mechanical device that transfers the rotational power from the engine to the wheels in any manual vehicle.

For instance, in a torque-controlled drill one drives a drill chuck and the other is driven by a motor. The clutch connects both shafts so they lock in together and spin at the same speed as they engaged. Both shafts are locked together but spinning at different speeds (known as slipping) or unlocked and spinning at different speeds (the act of being dis-engaged).

How Does It Work?

To keep things simple, check out this YouTube Video on how does it work as they show you visually!

Where Can I Buy A Clutch?

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So I Bought The Clutch I Needed From Your Website, But How Do I Install It If I Have No Experience?

I’m glad you asked! Many people often ask us the step by step instructions on how to go about installing the auto parts we sell, including our clutch kits. To keep it short and simple, we provided a YouTube Link below on how to install a clutch! Trust me it gets easier by the second and you save money!

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What Is The Simplified Explanation For What A Performance of Cam Gear Is?

cam gear

You probably went on Google wondering what a performance cam gear is and didn’t see the results desired. Or maybe it wasn’t explained in the most simple fashion. To tell you the truth, at first; I didn’t know what it was either. To simplify it for you, cam gears increase torque and horsepower without having to change the camshaft(s) and are mandatory for engines that are milled, forced induction, high compression, and/or utilizing aftermarket competition cams. Basically, cam gears are for heavily modified engines.

Our gears enable users to match cam timing with their vehicle’s tuning state by advancing or retarding the cam profile in one-degree increments via true laser-etched markings. Precision-cut gear teeth ensure no premature wearing of the belt surface and the anodizing on the gear teeth is lab-test proven as the hardest anodizing process on the market.

Performance cam gears come in two versions. One is a multi-spoke, five-bolt design for most vehicles and our second version is our classic full-faced, three-bolt design for select applications. Five-bolt cam gears have an 8 in the suffix and three-bolt cam gears have a 6 in the suffix. Piece of advice, if you have a DOHC motor you will need two of these bad boys!

For more in depth information on the basics, here is a YouTube link on cam gears!


I Want A Performance Cam Gear, Where Can I Purchase One At An Affordable Price?

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I Just Purchased A Performance Cam Gear, Now How Do I Go About Installing One?

Good question! Whether you’re a pro with cars or a beginner, if you follow step by step instructions; installing would be as smooth as butter! Below, is a YouTube video on how to install a performance cam gear.



Pulley for car? 

pulley for car

Picture Above: Performance Pulley for a Nissan Maxima

pulley for car is commonly called under-drive pulleys and v-velt pulleys. But what does it exactly do? It works by driving a vehicle’s accessories at a slower rate than previously set factory settings. The controlled speed means the engine spends less effort spinning the performance pulleys and the other gadgets attached to it.

The reduced workload on the engine translates to extra power given to driving the wheels forward. Many car enthusiasts attest to the engine boost the performance pulleys provide. This mechanism has now become a standard fixture in modified and even in stock cars.

What some people don’t know is that a performance pulley can free up to 15 hp (horsepower) and cost just a couple of hundred bucks or less. Most aftermarket auto parts dealers carry a wide variety of underdrive pulley configurations which allow you, the car owner to run the option to tweak or alter the amount of underdrive built into the pulley set.

Fun Fact: it’s a very handy feature for those who want to run a full-speed alternator while still getting gains through the power steering and air conditioning pulleys.

pulley for car


What’s The Beneficial Purpose Of A Performance Pulley?

As you already know, there are numerous ways to enhance your vehicle’s performance on the public or private road. If you’re a car expert then you already know one way is to replace the stock pulleys with performance pulleys. The under-drive pulley is designed to drive certain accessory systems at a slower rate than the default, factory-set pace.

Basically, what this workload reduction does is allowing the engine to devote more energy to produce more torque (torque means the amount of “turning power” you have/ a better measurement of how quickly your car will accelerate, while horsepower (relative to weight) is a better measure of your car’s top speed) and horsepower.

If you’re lucky enough to have a car equipped with a supercharger then these pulleys work better and guarantee more significant power gains for vehicles that use forced air induction.

Some things you may or may not know is that performance pulleys are actually longer lasting than your ordinary stock pulley, it helps the engine produce more power and the obvious (for some of you): it’s compatible for use with the air-conditioning, power steering, and engine cooling systems. So if you want more horsepower and torque (aka a faster driving car) then a performance pulley would definitely benefit your car!

pulley for car

Where Can I Purchase A Performance Pulley?

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What’s The “fastest” To Install A Performance Pulley? (See what we did there, haha.)

Now that you have the link on where to purchase a pulley; let’s be real, there is no fast way to install an under-drive pulley. With experience, it still may take some time; it’s just “easier” for those who are experienced in mechanics on a professional or personal level. Here’s a quick video on how to install one! (Credit: AutoHowTV)