What’s The Clutch In A Car?

What Is The Definition of A Clutch In A Car?

clutch in a car

the best clutch in a car

A clutch is a mechanical device that disengages and engages power transmission especially when it comes from driving shaft to driven shaft. Simply, what this means is the clutch application disconnects and connects TWO rotating shifts (line or drive shafts). In these particular devices, one shaft (the driven member) is providing output power for work while the other one (the driving member) is usually attached to an engine or other power unit.

If you’re still confused, to put things short; the clutch is the mechanical device that transfers the rotational power from the engine to the wheels in any manual vehicle.

For instance, in a torque-controlled drill one drives a drill chuck and the other is driven by a motor. The clutch connects both shafts so they lock in together and spin at the same speed as they engaged. Both shafts are locked together but spinning at different speeds (known as slipping) or unlocked and spinning at different speeds (the act of being dis-engaged).

How Does It Work?

To keep things simple, check out this YouTube Video on how does it work as they show you visually!

Where Can I Buy A Clutch?

Luckily, you came to the right place and don’t have to be all over the place looking for one! Everything you need to know about clutches is in this article. Below, is our catalog of high quality, affordable clutches. Click on the link below to purchase! Note: We offer free shipping on ALL of our products. 


So I Bought The Clutch I Needed From Your Website, But How Do I Install It If I Have No Experience?

I’m glad you asked! Many people often ask us the step by step instructions on how to go about installing the auto parts we sell, including our clutch kits. To keep it short and simple, we provided a YouTube Link below on how to install a clutch! Trust me it gets easier by the second and you save money!

Now you’re all set to go!





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