The Top 5 Reasons to Replace Your Window Seals

Why Should YOU Replace Your Window Seals? We Have Five Reasons Below To Prove It!

Weather stripping can cause leaks, noise and usually look awful. We cover quality windshield replacement seals and all other glass on your vehicle.

Originality is important in the classic world of cars. However, “vintage rubber” has no value -because rubber dries and deteriorates as a vehicle ages. This applies to pampered garage queens as well as daily drivers outside in the elements. Eventually, rubber seals shrink, crack, and warp to the point they no longer properly function.

A perfect example is the window seals. In this article, we will look at the top five ways to replace weather stripping seals around the glass of your vehicle, including windshield, side, back, vent and quarter windows. We’ll also discuss the most common types of automotive weather seals, and replacements we offer.

Water Leaks

Water is an extremely pervasive liquid, though essential for life. Water enters any gap or crack caused by warped, cracked or crumbling weather strips during heavy rain or a car wash visit. We say water is extremely pervasive because it expands when frozen. So during countless wintertime freeze-thaw cycles, water expansion behind compromised weather seals only pushes them further out of out of shape. Plus, corrosion can easily form out of sight behind compromised seals.

Modern vehicles can be significantly crippled by water leaks in terms of operation and drive-ability with electronic control modules placed behind dashboards and under seats. It is essential to have a leak diagnosed at the first sign of water entry. Removing water drainage clogs is usually the cause of faulty weather stripping.

Wind Noise

Have you ever noticed how quiet a new car is compared to an older vehicle? This is because all window and door seals are new and fresh -un compromised by time’s ravages. Faulty weather stripping cannot hold moveable windows in the exact alignment they were designed for. Water may not get through, but the whooshing sound of moving air does. And if you’ve got a noticeable whistle or relate!

Sluggish Windows

Rubber weather stripping must be flexible to allow easy sliding of window glass. As sunlight and acid rain take their toll, the inside and outside of the window frames weather stripping dries up and hardens. As the rubber deteriorates, it can even become sticky. Due to the large amount of friction, smooth, effortless movement of window glass is replaced by sluggish operation.

Increased drag due to weather friction also has a life – saving effect on power window motors. So if your windows look sluggish, first check the weather stripping. New strips are a good chance to solve the problem.

Your Vehicle Is Being Repainted

Whenever a vehicle is repainted in areas where window seals are located, replacing the old ones makes sense. Used weather stripping cannot be properly re-applied in most cases. Paintwork requires the removal of old weather stripping, so parts are the only additional cost in this case.

If damage repair is paid by insurance, new weather stripping is likely to be covered. By law, you have rights to select parts. Even if new weather stripping is not covered by insurance, it will be the work to remove and install.

Show Car Restoration

The purpose of restoring a car or truck is to make it new. Correctly done, this level of commitment requires careful detailing of the nuts and bolts down to the last item. Old weather stripping looks just like what it is -old weather stripping. If you skip replacing those terrible-looking door and window seals, all you’re doing is a repaint -not a restoration.

Below are types of window seals that typically need to be replaced for any of the reasons mentioned above.

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Door Window Seals

They are mounted on the outer edges of the door and provide a seal against moving windows. We have them from different manufacturers (select older or newer models of Jeep).

Pillar Post / a.k.a. “Hinge Pillar” seals

These mount on A-pillar interiors, more common on convertibles, to create a seal in which pillar less door glass comes into contact. We have a variety amount of pillar seals from different manufacturers.

Quarter Glass seals

They wrap around rear windows and can be fixed or not. We have manufacturer parts for quarter glass seals

Rear Window seals

As a company we have rear window glass seals from various manufacturers.

Vent Window Seals

These seals are placed between the window of the vent and the door frame. These can be attached to the glass or door frame depending on the application of the vehicle. We have various manufacturer parts for vent window seals.

Window Felts

These create a seal between the door panels and a movable glass window. The term derives from the soft felt that lines contact areas. While window felts are most used on inside edges, some vehicles also use them on the outside of the window (similar to door window seals). We’ve got window felts from different manufacturers.

Window Runs

These seals are part of the door’s upper window frame. We have seals from various manufacturers (driver and passenger sides) running windows.

Windshield Seals

These are seals for fixed windshield glass, usually for older cars, as new cars have glued windshields. Many manufacturers have windshield seals. If you’ve got a Jeep CJ7 or CJ5/6 with a fold-down windshield, we’ve got additional Crown weather stripping pieces you’ll need for the cowl area.

There is no excuse for delaying the replacement of a bad seal with the quality and variety of window and glass seals available. It’s going to be drier and quieter; your newly painted or restored vehicle looks great. Weather stripping new window “seals” the deal!

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