Three Great Reasons to Use a Spare Tire Cover

Why Should You Use a Spare Tire Cover?

On the back of SUVs, you’ve seen spare tire covers, but maybe you’ve been hesitant. Here, we’ll look at four great spare tire covers.

Spare tire covers: You’ve seen them everywhere on the backs of Jeeps and SUVs, but maybe you’ve been hesitant about getting one for your own 4×4. In this article, we’ll look at four great benefits spare tire covers provide. We’ve got soft vinyl tire covers that represent great value, and hard shell covers made of durable ABS plastic that offer high style.

Protection from UV Damage

If you park regularly in the same place, the sun hits your vehicle every day at exactly the same angle. Although ultraviolet rays have minimal effect on the 4 wheels and tires on the ground, tires and wheels can be damaged. Unlike other wheels, tailgate-mounted spares don’t rotate –so they get “sunburned” in the same spots.

In automotive tires, atmospheric ozone reacts with rubber, causing it to dry up and become fragile. This is known as “dry rot,” and cracks are not repairable as a result. Tire manufacturers mix waxes into the rubber to prevent the degradation of ozone. However, to be effective, these waxes must be brought regularly to the surface of the tire. Since this process only occurs when a tire rotates and bends against the ground, this much-needed protection is deprived of a stationary spare tire.

Wheels may also suffer. The sunlight can bleach and degrade the finish, whether painted, polished or chromed. Regardless of the color of your wheel, uneven coloration can occur after prolonged exposure to the sun – especially if the exposure is partial or angled instead of direct.

If you are looking for the best value with solid UV protection, our universally adapted soft tire covers various manufacturers in various sizes and colors.

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Theft Prevention

According to police who specialize in burglary and auto theft, the simple act of concealing a valuable item equates to more than half the battle of theft prevention. With modern vehicles being harder to break into and steal, thieves look for easier targets such as tailgate-mounted spare tires. Unlike wheels on the ground, spares can be unbolted and removed in less than a minute.

Since many spares have never touched the road, the rim and tire are usually free from curb rashes, pothole bends, stone hits and corrosive salt damage. So it’s easy to see why savings set preferable goals.

By hiding your valuable spare with a cover, you significantly reduce the chances of being noticed in a parking lot, garage or anywhere. In addition, many of our hard shell spare tire covers offer a cable locking kit that secures the spare wheel cover. Add extra time and difficulty to cut loose a locked cover and a thief passes something easier. You won’t have to worry that your cover will disappear.

A Finished & Complementary Look

When you want to add a finished look to your truck’s back, the hard shell covers are color and style. You’ll find a match with your vehicle with up to 15 available hues, odds are good. Or create a beautiful contrast with another solid color.

We have vehicle – specific hard shell covers made of durable ABS plastic from Boomerang and Willpak for solid colors. And if you prefer a hard cover you can paint yourself, on our product page you’ll find several options.


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