Are Custom License Plate Frames the Best Bling For Under $100?

Is The Best Bling For Your Ride A License Plate Frame Under $100?

The answer is a resounding “yes,” because the license plate frames have developed past mere glitter. We bet you’ll find the creativity of the plate frame that really reaches you.

If you want a low-cost purchase that delivers maximum bling on your car, few things offer more brightness and color than license plate frames. The humorous and creative styling statements made by these frames are positioned where all eyes fall on them and provide far more entertainment and visual looks for less than $100 than almost any other trim piece you can buy.

If you already have a license plate, the license plate frames provide an excellent finishing touch. It may be personalized with your name or other lettering, an attractive image authorized by the state, or an insignia that denotes a division or military branch of the first respondent. For existing plate colors or images, colors, bright work and other attractive designs can be a nice complement or contrast.

And if your existing license plate looks rather straightforward, we’re confident that a look through our frames section will provide a lot of “decorating” ideas.

License frames can actually save your front license plate from becoming mangled and bent in automated car washes, because they provide strong reinforcement around corner and perimeter areas. If you’ve ever had to bend a plate straight again after this has happened, you already know how thin and lightweight they are. Rotary brushes can cause problems – particularly on modern vehicles with curved, aerodynamic front bumpers.

Increased use of automated license plate readers in patrol cars means that police are more likely to target license plate frames that cover state information printed on top or bottom. Therefore, it’s wise to check your state’s laws. If you need to display registration tags on the corners of the bottom license plate, look for frames with cutouts in these areas. We have them in all thicknesses, with corner cutouts and without them.

Plastic License Plate Frames

We have durable and corrosion – resistant plastic frames such as the Auto Gold Thin 4-Hole Frame (black, chrome or gold) for the best value. Moving up to a slightly higher price point, you’ll have a wider range of zinc or stainless steel frame choices.

Stainless Steel License Plate Frames

If you prefer stainless steel, the Auto Gold Wide Body License Frame has a taller shape to provide maximum open space for the display of the bottom plate. The Premier Collection License Frame, on the other hand, offers a thicker banner with gravures. The Plain License Plate Frame of Auto gold features standard dimensions and thickness. The ACC brushed stainless steel License Plate Frame is also available with design names graved in a selection of carbon fiber or solid colors.

Check out our high quality one below as you click the product image to direct you to purchase the item!

Zinc License Plate Frames

When it comes to chrome plating zinc construction, we have OER Chrome license plate frames specializing in classic GM and Mopar model names. Model years are displayed in period-correct font at the top, with make or model below.

Carbon Fiber License Plate Frames

We have a great selection for those who prefer the look of carbon fiber. Seibon offers 2-hole and 4-hole configurations for the best value – simple, without any logos available. Ipickimage offers carbon fiber frames printed on them with a range of vehicle designations or flag designs.

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