Backup And Dash Cameras

The Convenience, Security and Benefits of Backup and Dash Cameras

The backup camera and dash camera kits will be discussed and reviewed in this article. When you look, you’ll be convinced of the convenience, security and benefits they offer in the real world.

According to United States National Safety Council, 30% of accidents reported occur when one or more vehicles are backed up. This amounts to more than 300,000 incidents per year and costs about $1.3 billion in damages. When personal injury is factored in, the news gets worse and young children are facing the worst. In the United States, an average week, 48 children were injured and 2 died as a result of the backup of vehicles. In 82% of those cases, the children involved were under 4 years old, and most of that 82% consists of children under the age of 1.

A driver who leaves the parking space is usually found at fault when a collision occurs with another vehicle. The simple reason is that blind spots (areas where the driver’s view is completely blocked by parts of the vehicle) look far worse than forward. How bad they are? In a recent Consumer Reports test, the rear blind spot distances for more than 100 vehicles were tested by placing a 28-inch cone behind each vehicle in which drivers could see its top. A driver 5’1″ tall had a blind zone range of 17-29 feet inside small cars, 25-39 feet inside large SUVs, and 24-45 feet inside pickups of all sizes. A 5’8 “tall driver had a blind zone of 6 – 19 feet in small cars, 14 – 25 feet in large SUVs and 17 – 31 feet in trucks.

The backup camera and dash kits will be discussed and reviewed in this article. When you look, you’ll be convinced of the convenience, security and benefits they offer in the real world. The cost is much lower than the cost of similar option packages for vehicle manufacturers, and their low overall complexity makes it easy to install.

Backup cameras are mounted on the back of the vehicle and provide rear view where there are normally no cameras. Rear view mirrors often feature integrated digital displays. Video feed from the rear mounted camera will pop into view automatically as soon as reverse gear is selected, then stay on for a few seconds after the vehicle begins moving forward.

If You Drive A Commercial VAN, RV Or Tow A Trailer, Backup Cameras Will Make Life Much Easier

In commercial vans and RVs with an extremely impeded rear view, the risk of backup accidents and injuries is multiplied because there are no side windows or curtains or cargo obscure those present. It’s a long way back from the driver’s seat to the rear of the vehicle, and the small windows on the rear doors appear to be much smaller than they really are – leaving the driver virtually without visibility. Some commercial vehicles just don’t have rear windows.

In parking garages for drivers of any car or truck, low visibility situations on the other hand can also be greatly amplified. Heavy glare from parking garage areas exposed to the outside can be blinding, and dim lighting inside the garage is not sufficient to offset it. Because backup cameras are designed to accommodate brightness and darkness, they can be a great asset in all lighting conditions.

If you tow a trailer, backup cameras will take the guesswork and anxiety out of all the challenging situations you deal with. For starters, lining up your tow hitch with the trailer couplet in order to hook things up will be incredibly easy. When reversing, use the on-screen display to make sure the trailer’s tongue is centered in the middle of your screen. It will pay dividends to be able to line up in one maneuver – especially when others are watching and waiting. And because cameras can display a constant image while driving forward, keeping a watchful eye on your trailer assembly on the road is easy.

And if you support a boat trailer down the ramp, you know exactly how far you’re into the water. Since cameras can be set to display a constant rear view image while driving forward, keeping an eye on your trailer assembly will also make your mind comfortable on the road.

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Rearview Mirrors with Built-in Display for the Backup Camera

Thanks to TFT (thin film transistors) and LCD (liquid crystal display) technology, rear view mirror assemblies can be built with a thin wafer layer of amorphous silicon deposited on the inside of the glass. This layer of transistors is otherwise invisible until it’s powered up to display a high resolution video image from a camera.

Kits That Include Backup Cameras and Display Mirrors

The Peak Rear View Mirror Kit is an example of a full rear view camera kit that includes a mirror with built – in display, rear view camera with mounting of the license plate, cable, hardware and wireless broadcaster.


Dash Cameras

The phrase “Dash Cam” refers to cameras pointing to the future. They can be mounted on the windshield or on the dashboard. A search of the internet using just the words “crash videos” will reveal footage from across the globe that illustrates all the reasons dash cams offer unparalleled protection on the road.

While backup cameras focus on what’s behind the car, dash-mounted cameras automatically record your trip from a driver’s vantage point. Should an accident occur because someone cut you off, turned across your path without warning, or pulled out from a side street directly in front of you, dash cams can document your innocence in cases where you might otherwise be blamed. In addition, on a road trip, they will record and store any amazing scene before it can be captured with a cell phone camera.

There are dash cams with built-in functionality for global positioning (GPS) that record your location. If you’re interested in a straightforward dash cam, the iTronics iPass offers a higher-resolution dual-lens camera with enhanced night time recording and GPS.

Backup Cameras by Themselves

Due to the low cost, ease of installation and additional security provided by a backup camera and/or dash camera, we just moved the purchase to the top of our to-do list. It’s just a must-have accessory.


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