Which Is The Best Custom Steering Wheel For My Car?

What Is The Best Custom Steering Wheel For Your Ride?


Modern vehicles don’t have the great look and feel of wood, metal and leather steering wheels. With stylish designs and inspiring materials, we look at custom wheels.

Customized steering wheels look and feel right because once artisans made wood, polished metal and leather the best and most satisfying steering wheels. Drivers took them eagerly because they found that few things feel as good as natural materials in their hands. It is unfortunate that this truth has been forgotten by generations of vehicles with hard – touch plastic surfaces.

This article looks at the custom control wheels we offer – complete wheels designed without airbags for older vehicles. Custom versions of new steering wheels have been excluded in which the existing center airbag is transferred.

For safety reasons, we recommend that a steering wheel equipped with an airbag be removed and replaced by a non – airbag wheel.

Many of these wheels have a standard center horn button. In some cases, buttons with different colors and logos can be selected. We have a section of custom horn buttons that you don’t want to miss.

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Racing Style Steering Wheels

If you want to replace the steering wheel of your vehicle with a steering wheel that feels good in your hands and looks sportier, you will enjoy the sporty choices we offer in our section on racing steering wheels.

For example, the Spec-D Millennium EVO Style Black Leather Steering Wheel is for a luxurious, modern look. Would you prefer a steering wheel that looks like a video game controller controlled by a jet plane? You’ll appreciate the game controller-styled Spec-D F-16 steering wheel, with simulated carbon fiber accents and a choice of colors on the perimeter grip area.

The Spec-D’s Technic 3 wheel stylishly mixes available colors with silver accents and black. And if you want an aggressive-looking wheel but suffer from a cramped passenger compartment, you’ll find their Technic wheel’s flat shape along its bottom edge provides extra leg clearance -especially while you’re sliding in and out of the seat.


Do you enjoy suede’s luxurious feel in your hands? A great example would be the GT Performance, which offers your blue or black anodized finish with its GT3 Drift Aluminum Steering Wheel with lightweight aluminum spokes. The steel rim is wrapped in Italian “napped” suede that offers a fine feel and easy-to-grip surface for quick steering maneuvers. Colored marks inspired by pro-touring competition are positioned at top center on the steering wheel to indicate wheel angle. Should you prefer an all-black version of this wheel without colored marks, see their GT3 Pro-Touring wheel. Similarly, the GT Performance GT3 Switchback offers an all-black look with a single yellow top center mark.

“Custom” Steering Wheels

Companies offer custom steering wheels such as metal steering wheels, rubber and foam wrapped steering wheels and wood rimmed steering wheels!


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